Increasing Number of Retailers Hop on the Emoji Bandwagon

emoji marketing

What would life be like without emojis? Imagine relying solely on written word to convey emotions – no thank you. But seriously, online retailers and mobile marketers are jumping on the emoji marketing bandwagon. In our opinion, you’d be foolish not to. First, more than anything else, this has become a universally recognized text language. Sometimes, emojis are actually more widely accepted than words. Especially via text, emojis also help us transcend language barriers, as a frown face means “sadness” no matter what language you speak. Taking all these factors into consideration, big name retailers are starting to integrate emojis into their regular marketing campaigns.

As cited in top text message marketing best practices, you should never fire out unqualified messages. This includes emojis that are thrown into a text or email subject line for no apparent reason. As trivial as it sounds, make sure each emoji has a specific purpose.

Several billion dollar brands are actually starting to develop their own apps with branded emojis. Although this isn’t the norm (yeah, ok – not everyone has Facebook sized marketing budgets to blow), it’s definitely a trend that shouldn’t be ignored.

Similarly, top level email marketing providers have made room for emojis in their platforms. Noticed an influx of emoji littered subject lines hitting your inbox? So have we. Does that mean they aren’t effective? Not at all. In fact, because we’re so used to seeing these symbols, we instantly recognize the purpose behind their inclusion.

We always recommend looping texting into your mobile marketing efforts. Considering over 90% of all text messages are read within five minutes or less, it’s easy to see why this mobile communication method is a go to tactic. Thousands of small business owners nationwide love our service, and rightfully so. Want to learn more? Give us a ring at 1.800.688.6290 or shoot us an email at