Hundreds of Gyms Nationwide Rely on These Text Marketing Campaigns

text marketing for gyms

Own a gym? How about a fitness center? Give these text marketing ideas for gyms and fitness centers a try, and watch as monthly membership gradually increases. These campaigns help you draw in new members, and reward current ones for their loyalty.

Bring a Friend Promo

Most people love working out with friends. Why not capitalize on this trend? Fire out a text reading something like “It’s Bring a Friend Friday! Bring a friend and get them 25% off their first month, and you? $10 off your next bill.”

Exclusive Membership Deals

You want your members to stay, right? If you don’t regularly engage, they’ll definitely lose interest and go down the street to your competitors. Fire out monthly or bimonthly exclusive membership deals.

A great example? “It’s time to get that summer glow! Show this text, now through Friday to add unlimited tanning to your membership for only $10 a month!”

Birthday Rewards

Our birthday rewards feature helps you build brand loyalty. It offers regular members an incentive to stop in on their big day, and redeem a special gift.

Looking to use text marketing for your gym or fitness center? Give us a buzz today at 1.800.688.6290, or head over to the pricing page and sign up for your free plan. We’ll never force you to pay for something that you simply don’t need. We want you to grow with our service, at your own speed.  Our learning center is packed to the brim with text marketing resources that educate, inform, and inspire.

First things first, familiarize yourself with basic text marketing compliance. Next, take time to develop unique, valuable campaigns that enhance your brand. Finally, set an expected routine. Don’t fire out two campaigns one week at 11PM, and then the next week three at 9AM. Routine will help set campaign expectations.