Here’s Why Text Message Marketing is Just Like Online Dating

Text Message Marketing

In the world of online dating, you get to know someone on a personal level, while at the same time maintaining a comfortable and secure distance. A recent article written by Small Business Trends compared mobile marketing to online dating. As one of the top text message marketing providers, we can definitely agree with the undeniable similarities. We want to take it one step further, and compare text message marketing to online dating.

Here’s some great rules you must follow while engaging with your list.

1. Respect their space.

Don’t contact your subscribers after hours. Never send out a message before 9AM or after 9PM. Respect their space, and they’ll respect your campaigns. Break your original frequency promise, and you risk losing their trust.

2. Personalization is helpful, but don’t cross certain boundaries. 

We offer an awesome birthday text feature. Our system sends out an automated campaign on your subscriber’s birthday. This is a great way to personalize the experience. Beyond this, don’t use subscriber data to be invasive. When engaging in personalization, you walk a fine line. Lack thereof can seem too stiff, but too much and you’ll appear desperate and creepy.

3. If they don’t want you, move on. 

Similar to online dating, if someone rejects you, don’t keep pursing that person. If a subscriber opts out of your list, terminate all further contact. Do not reach out with future promotions, or attempt to personally confront them regarding their decision. Similar to a dead relationship, what’s done is done. You can’t undo the past, just use this as a learning lesson to do better in the future.

4. Too much too soon is such a turn off.

When someone opts in to your list, they don’t expect to get barraged with dozens of messages. Slowly introduce them to exclusive offers and information. Prioritize your campaign messages.  Don’t bombard them with email capture, a text to win contest, and exclusive coupon code in the first 24 hours. Space out your messages and watch as offer redemption and campaign engagement increase.

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