Here’s One Situation That Encourages SMS Marketers to Be Aggressive

SMS Marketing

Here at, we usually advise customers to steer clear of obnoxious messaging. Generally speaking, first time users should send out no more than 4-6 campaigns a month. If you rack up too many outbound campaigns, your opt outs will naturally increase. People don’t want to be bombarded with promotional messages, especially on a personal mobile device.

However, new research proves that there is one exception to this rule. Let’s say you venture off on a much needed vacation to Vegas. You want to gamble, dine out, and reward yourself with some well deserved relaxation. New data suggests that aggressive SMS marketing in Sin City actually proves to be highly effective.

Tourists prefer to be bombarded with promotional messages during their limited stay, simply because they want to take advantage of all the incredible opportunities. Visitors want instant and immediate access to all the city has to offer, so SMS marketing has become the perfect solution.

Long time Vegas marketer, Mike Caineworth knows that “people come to Vegas to gamble, eat, and soak up the endless entertainment. This is one occasion on which marketers can afford to be more aggressive because Las Vegas visitors or regulars want to be marketed to for their own enlightenment.”

In general, we still recommend sticking with 4-6 campaigns per month. However, this research proves that there are always special circumstances and exceptions to every rule.

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