Here’s How SMS Marketing Fits into Wearable Technology

SMS marketing

We’re all about those wearable devices. In fact, every employee in our office is currently sporting the Apple Watch. It’s no secret, we’re also huge fans of SMS marketing. We’re all about innovation, especially when it bridges the gap from old to new. So, how do these two technologies integrate? Simple. Continue reading to learn more about how to become SMS savvy on your wearable device.

Did you know you can send and receive SMS messages on your wearable device? Let’s say, as a business owner, you have 200 people on your SMS marketing list. Out of that group, ten subscribers own a wearable device. You fire out a message on Wednesday night promoting an entree special. These ten subscribers might not have their phone within arms reach, but since they’re┬ásporting a fancy wearable, they receive your messages instantly.

Did you now that 99% of text messages are opened and read within 5 minutes or less? Think about it. This statistic can also include wearable devices. So, if you’re interacting with subscribers who own a wearable device, you have a chance to interact with these customers on two different devices.

For this reason alone, we love wearable technology. It speaks to the changing mobile trends, and encourages subscribers to regularly interact with their favorite brands.

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