Here’s a Little Bit More About Text Marketing for Restaurants

restaurant text marketing

People are attached to their smartphones. Why not put your marketing messages right in their line of focus? Sure, TV is decent. But, if given the option, do you think people would choose a television or a smartphone? That should be a pretty obvious answer.

As a restaurant owner, you want campaigns that help you increase offer redemption and encourage subscriber engagement. Here are a few great examples.

Mobile coupons make offer redemption a breeze.

This feature is the latest to come down our pipeline. Send out exclusive web hosted coupons with an expiration ticker and click to redeem functionality. This will easily help encourage foot traffic and offer redemption.

There’s list growth opportunity in text to win contests.

The best thing about text to win contests is you have the ability to gather a list of interested subscribers under one simple incentive. As long as you keep your grand prize generically appealing, you won’t struggle to grow your list.

Here’s what seals the deal.

Finally, 99% of all text messages are opened within five minutes or less. No other open rate compares to that of text message marketing. For example, email marketing boasts an average of 30% or less. Why prioritize a marketing method that won’t even reach half of your interested subscribers?

Want to see more text marketing campaign ideas for restaurants? Dive deeper into our educational resources, and learn how these campaigns can easily increase offer redemption and subscriber engagement.

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