Guess What? Mobile Marketing Works for Seniors

SMS marketing

Tons of business owners think that mobile marketing is most likely reserved for millennials. Although younger generations respond well to these methods, the older demographic can also benefit from creative, yet simple mobile campaigns. When drafting up SMS marketing offers for seniors, keep the following tips in mind.

Remember, less is more.

Keep it as simple as possible. Don’t clutter your campaigns with a bunch of sales jargon, or useless information. Get right to the point, and clearly state your offer. Above all else, these list subscribers will respond well to monetary discounts, as the majority are on a fixed income. Always cater to the needs of your subscribers when drafting up SMS campaigns.

Early to rise, early to bed.

Remember, most golden agers like to be in bed before 9PM, and then greet the morning sunrise. Keep this in mind when deciding on a scheduled send time. Don’t fire out valuable offers at 1030PM, as they most likely won’t get read until the morning. Ideally, you should send your messages out between noon and 3PM. This gives recipients an ample amount of time to read and take action.

Know your customers.

SMS marketing might work for seniors, but that doesn’t mean every business owner should take this advice. Let’s say you own a hot downtown nightclub. Should you really prioritize marketing to golden agers? Probably not. At the end of the day, use the media habits of your main demographic to make your marketing decisions.

If you own a business that caters to the older generations, give SMS marketing a try. As long as you provide value and keep your campaigns simple and cohesive, you will observe a great return.

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