Google Favors Mobile Friendly Sites in Upcoming Algorithm Changes

Google Announces New Algorithm Changes

In the next few weeks, Google will launch it’s newest algorithm changes. If you own an ecommerce site, chances are you know how critical search engine optimization can be to your business. When you rank on the first page in Google, you’ll see a drastic increase in site traffic, which ultimately means more sales. As long as these users are qualified, you will quickly see how valuable SEO can be to your business. As Google becomes more advanced, ecommerce retailers are understanding the importance of having a solid SEO plan. If you don’t pay attention to their continual algorithm changes, you’ll get left behind. You will eventually be penalized for using old school SEO methods, and your site will instantly drop in ranking. This is no good, and can lead to long term business failure.

In the past, mobile marketing and optimization has been more of an afterthought. Even now, text message marketing is recently becoming a more common technique. Five years ago, it was almost completely obsolete and reserved for a few specific industries. But, the times are changing.

Once Google launches it’s new algorithm changes, mobile optimized sites will be favored in search engine results. Google understands that the average user is becoming more mobile reliant, and want to honor those websites that are paying attention to this shift in usage. If your site operates on WordPress, there are several great apps you can download that automatically optimize your site for mobile. In addition, most of the WordPress themes are designed to automatically be mobile friendly.

As a top text marketing firm, we understand the importance of making our site mobile friendly. We highly recommend that you take these upcoming algorithm changes into consideration, especially if you’re up for a site redesign. It’s important that you put these changes at top priority when outlining your annual marketing plan.

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