Frequent Mobile Messaging Positively Affects Sales

SMS marketing

A recent study released by OtherLevel’s 2015 Retail Mobile Messaging Study suggests that frequent mobile messaging increase sales. The more brands engage with their customers, the more they sell. How can this be?  This study focused on effective holiday marketing tactics, or in other words, spiking retail sales during the gift giving season. The tool, or catalyst? Constant mobile communication.

Take note of these helpful suggestions.

  • With the holiday season right around the corner, don’t favor infrequent followups. Regularly touch base with potential customers, especially during limited time campaigns. For example, shoppers who received frequent, multiple messages engaged with holiday products 11 percent more often than shoppers who didn’t receive any.
  • Although you shouldn’t be obnoxious, we recommend you favor over-communication, as this will be more conducive to results. The study showed that the number of heavily messaged users who used an app for more than 10 sessions during the four-week test period was 22 percent higher than the ones who received no messages at all.

It’s important to understand the effectiveness of mobile messaging, when done correctly. This tactic allows you to touch base with potential shoppers on their personal mobile device. The study suggests that the most important denominator is “how often”. Success rates with mobile campaigns revolve around frequent messaging.

When composing mobile marketing messages, make sure they reflect the following characteristics.

1. High Value

Every single offer should hold some sort of appeal for your subscribers.

2. Clear Redemption Instructions

Include a simple to action, and offer redemption details.

3. Limited Window of Opportunity

Create a sense of urgency with an expiration date. Never leave offers open ended, as this isn’t conducive to redemption.

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