Dominos Mobile Site Conversions Fail Compared to Ordering App

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According to recent news from Mobile Marketing Watch, Dominos has observed a decrease in mobile site ranking and profitability. Now, this might come as a shock, when it seems that all things now trend towards mobile. How can this be? According to internal marketing analysts, the online ordering app took charge. Even their sales and marketing director agrees, the lack of mobile site engagement is downright embarrassing.

Picture this. You open up Dominos mobile site on your phone, only to find the ordering process difficult and archaic. Making a phone call seems even more inconvenient, so you give the ordering app a try. Voila! 20 hassle free minutes later, your pizza arrives.

Dominos isn’t the only corporation experiencing mobile site neglect. Within the past year, the mobile site vs. mobile app debate has gained exposure. Last week, Google decided to take action. The most recent Chrome for Android release implements push notification updates. This proves that browsers are making an effort to become more mobile friendly with increasingly similar native app technology. Facebook and eBay are some of the first to announce their support for Chrome’s new push notifications.

Google realized that native apps have such a great appeal because they rank better in usability. There’s just certain things, at this point, that mobile sites cannot offer – push notifications being one of them. Google Chrome for Android is testing the marketing with this recent update, and it’s rumored that Mozilla will soon follow. This change forecasts the movement towards improved mobile site functionality. Dominos isn’t the only corporation experiencing these skewed results, but if browser push notifications grow to be widely accepted, this may no longer be an issue.

Popular chain restaurants like Dominos also turn to text message marketing as a way to increase sales and promote current offers.

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