Consumers Aren’t in a Rush to Purchase Wearable Devices

Mobile Marketing News

The recent release of the Apple iWatch has sparked an insightful conversation about the consumer’s desire to purchase wearable technology. What was anticipated to be a trend that would take the country by storm hasn’t quite picked up steam. Rewind to the soft launch of the Google Glass, and this same lack of mass interest can be observed. Why are consumers having a hard time adopting the wearable concept? A recent study released by Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group suggests that consumers are looking for more functionality. They want the ability to receive a variety of alerts, and accept transactions via user friendly payment functionality.

Once financial service leaders can see a reason to utilize the wearable device, analysts predict that interest will soar. Up to this point, the attractiveness of wearable technology isn’t selling itself. Consumers are used to their insanely smart mobile devices. In order to convince them to make the switch, the functionality needs to drastically increase. We won’t just be buying an Apple iWatch because it looks pretty. For the general public, there has to be more.

In addition to Apple’s most recent wearable device, Google Glass also plans on making a second attempt at success. Earlier this year, the Google Glass Explorer program was put on hold, as mass criticism made the soft launch completely unsuccessful. The only consumers who took a keen interest in this technology were early adopters. Beyond that, critics bashed Google Glass for the lack of visual appeal, and the invasive recording ability. Google quickly pulled the Explorer program, and brought Glass back to the incubator stage.

Within the last 24 hours, whispers have been heard around the internet, rumoring that Google Glass 2 is currently in production. As for the Apple iWatch, time will tell how truly innovative and trendsetting this wearable device turns out to be.

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