Consumer Thoughts about Text Marketing

Consumer thoughts on text marketingText marketing has been around for about 20 years, but it has been only in the last few years that it has caught on so well and  evolved into what it is today.  It is changing the way that businesses do things, and the customers that patronize them, too.

Even with the facts on the table and the benefits put on the line some businesses have still not gotten with the program and began their text marketing campaign. There are various reasons that a business hasn’t gotten on top of things. One is a misconception that consumers are not interested in text messages from them. This is wrong, and the stats prove that consumers want and need such a program in their life.

The UK Direct Marketing association conducted a study which showed that most Americans, approximately 1/3,want mobile coupons versus other types. The same research study also  showed that other countries are also getting  into the scheme of things. In fact, France consumers prefer text, at least 60% of them.

Long ago there were problems with mobile marketing. Campaigns were not monitored, things were still new, and a lot of people were stuck with an outrageous amount of spam and other devious materials.  Some companies think that this is still something that happens. Thankfully there  are now rules and regulations in place that prevent this from happening.

Federal  legislation requires that permission be given to send a message to a person. This means that they are signing up for your list because they want to hear from you and take advantage of what you can offer to them. And it also means there is no worry that you’re bothering people.

Some companies worry whether or not anyone will sign up for their offers. Again, if you take a look at the stats this is not a worry. People want text marketing! It is cheap to market via text marketing without worrying about the budget being blown.

Things are changing in this big world of ours, and one way that it is changing is the way that businesses communicate. In this era it is text message marketing  that rules the roost.