Conference Coordinators Go Mobile with Text Message Marketing

We are rapidly closing in on the height of the digital age. People are dropping print as a marketing medium, and instead choosing cost effective mobile alternatives. Text message marketing is at the core of these changes, as it is a simple way to reach mass groups of people in a matter of seconds. Event coordinators find that this type of mobilization encourages engagement rates to soar, as attendees can interact with the click of a button.

Conference Coordinators Drop Print Materials

Why spend thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars on print materials for events, when you can just compile all necessary information onto one mobile platform? Conference coordinators are saving money by allowing attendees to access daily schedules and class information with a few simple clicks. Did you attend an awesome class, and want to subscribe to the speaker’s email list? Instead of signing up on a piece of paper, old school style, just text in to connect. With just one simple text, you can easily subscribe to any mailing list.

Targeted Sponsorships Become Increasingly Common

One of the biggest reasons we love text message marketing is the ability to use it for market research. You can segment your lists based on purchasing patterns or interest levels. Large conferences are run and funded by huge sponsors that pay top dollar to have their brand plastered all over the promotional materials. Now, with text message marketing, these sponsors can instantly connect with attendees. In the past, they would have to count on a bag of print materials, and hope that attendees didn’t forget about connecting post conference.

 Event Apps Help Gather Market Research

Large firms are even developing event apps that collect market research data, and funnel it into one large database. Think about it. You have thousands of people in one prime location, with similar interests. Why not take this one step further and categorize them based on individual preferences? Marketing is nothing without supporting data.