Coffee Lovers Heated Over Starbucks Mobile Pay App Fraud

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Have you ever used a payment app to process a transaction? Imagine what would happen if someone used an app to access your financial information. In the past month, the Starbucks mobile app has proven shaky at best, as several users have experienced severe payment fraud. Criminals hack customer rewards accounts to access bank and credit card information. One customer lost $550, and it took Starbucks over a week to return her stolen funds. Specifically, fraudsters are logging in and reloading gift cards with previously used payment information. This type of criminal activity can drain a victim’s account in a matter of seconds.

As mobile payment methods are increasing in popularity, it’s important for large companies to tighten up the security and protection of personal information. This isn’t the first time a retailer has experienced this type of malfunction, and it probably won’t be the last. Many apps offer two step authentication. If someone logs in from an unknown or unfamiliar location, the account owner is notified.

If Starbucks wants to avoid a brand damaging crisis, they need to tighten up their app security. Something like two step authentication would limit these types of fraudulent incidents. In the end, it eliminates headaches on both ends. Of course, there will always be some criminal that tries to go above and beyond to access personal information, but for the most part, stricter security would prevent most from making an attempt. is a top text message marketing provider. Give us a call today at 1.800.688.6290 to sign up for a free plan.