Chipotle Proves Text Marketing Works

Chipotle Text MarketingChipotle is going where no company has gone before. They have introduced a new video series via text marketing, and there’s a sweepstakes included. This large burrito chain is calling this sweepstakes ‘Farmed and Dangerous,’ and it is being launched on Hulu. The episodes feature a prompt for viewers to text a keyword into the Chipotle text system.

Jeff Hasen, marketing officer for Mobivity, says that call-to-action on TV is rare these days yet it is sad that it has come to this. Rather than place a TV ad with a call-to-action, businesses waste tons of money placing ads  in Super Bowl spots and in other areas where it is not likely they can get the same attention as what comes forth through text message marketing. Hasen says that utilizing better sources, at least in addition to what you are already doing, can monetize your business and the flow of traffic.

A Look at Farmed and Dangerous

Farmed and Dangerous is an awesome comedy series. It is a series that takes a look at the agricultural industry and their attempts to contradict and control farming practices and what is perceived to be accurate. The goal Chipotle had in mind with the series, and the sweepstakes, was to promote awareness of food being prepared and the benefits of healthy eating habits, including organic foods.

The pilot episode of the show offered the following ad: ”Text BADMILK to 30364 to play Episode 1 Trivia.” This message aired before the show  began, and customers had the option to receive up to 10 messages for each game. Customers then needed to answer three questions regarding the particular episode. Answer all three question correctly and an entry for a free BOGO free reward could be yours. The big deal about the contest was the grand prize – a catered party for 20 people. A total of 100 grab prizes were available, as well as 5,000 of the buy one, get one offers.

This Chipotle text message marketing campaign began on February21 and ends on April 27. Episode air on march 3, and March 10 on Hulu. Hulu is a paid subscription service that is available for $7.99 per month, or the free version, however there is a week wait to see new shows if you are a free subscriber.

Chipotle Keeps Going

This isn’t the first time that Chipotle has made an impact through mobile marketing. Last summer they celebrated their 20th birthday by offering a text marketing campaign with an award of free burritos for the next 20 years!

Ultimately the goal of Adventurrito was to ensure that customers could interact with SMS in a fun way while also building lasting relationships with customers. For about $10 a month text marketing can be a powerful platform that works for quick service restaurants, and in 2014 mobile marketing is where it is at.