Check Out This Simple Yet Effective Dollar Tree Text to Win Contest

If you’ve given text message marketing a try, you know how effective a text to win contest can be. If done correctly, it can double, triple, even quadruple your current list size. Who wouldn’t want that? However, if done incorrectly, you will┬áscare away potential opt ins, and lose current list subscribers. First things first, when running a text to win contest, make sure you’re offering a valuable incentive. A $10 gift card might not be appealing enough. Remember, customers are giving┬átheir personal cell number in exchange for a chance at this prize.

Text Message Marketing

Here’s what we love about this promotional banner.

  1. It’s obviously just that – a website banner, which means Dollar Tree promoted this contest online. Doing so increases your reach and number of contest entries.
  2. We actually love the opening line “Who has two thumbs and loves the Dollar Tree? This pulls the customer in, and causes them to engage. This statement makes the content relatable to a wide span of viewers, and therefore, also increases interaction.
  3. The call to action and incentive are bold and clear.
  4. The disclaimer on the bottom lists out additional details, including a limited entry period. This in itself creates a sense of urgency.
  5. The vector image on the left hand side is modern, as is text message marketing.

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