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23 May 2014

Mobile Apps and Text Marketing

It is a dog eat dog world, and as such businesses are always in competition with one another and looking to one up the other. Each company out there wants to be your favorite brand and the
21 May 2014

A New Way for Text Marketing: What is Text to Tip?

In March of this year Starbucks added a new digital tipping feature to their mobile payment program, and the news is pretty exciting for the coffee-loving fans who frequent this top coffee shop. Available now for the
20 May 2014

Consumer Thoughts about Text Marketing

Text marketing has been around for about 20 years, but it has been only in the last few years that it has caught on so well and  evolved into what it is today.  It is changing the
5 May 2014

Text Marketing Revenues Hit All Time Highs

Text marketing revenue has dramatically increased over the past couple of years and in 2014 it is estimated that more than $4.5 billion will be earned. In 2013 the revenue tallied $2.9 billion so it is plain
29 Apr 2014

Text Marketing Legislation Changes in Canada

New anti-spam legislation was recently introduced in Canada. Starting July 1, 2014, the new laws go into effect, and all Canadian companies and developers are affected. It is a good idea to go ahead and start implementing
21 Apr 2014

Text Marketing Growth Expands in UK

More people access the web with their smartphone than they do with laptops. They have their phone in their hands what seems like all day long, and it is used to make calls and text friends/family, but
9 Apr 2014

Is your Text Message Marketing Worth $47 Million?

Text message marketing mistakes are not cheap, and unless you have an extra $47 million lying around to pay for such mistakes, it is a good idea that you always obtain permission to send text marketing messages
23 Mar 2014

Don’ Miss Out on Text Marketing

UK consumers want to hear from brands and interact with them, and they want to do this via their mobile devices. A recent Warc survey compiled results recently that directly indicated this wish. More than half of
22 Feb 2014

Hooters Super Bowl Text Marketing Campaign Gains 50,000 New Subscribers

Hooters has long used text marketing to bring awareness to its brand, however the company has recently added an improved strategy to its marketing scheme during a recent Super Bowl themed campaign. State of Text helped Hooters
18 Jan 2014

South Dakota Text Message Bans

How would you feel about paying $100 to send a text message? If the governor approves, the state of South Dakota could become one of the next states to make it illegal to text and drive. This