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16 Feb 2016

Facebook Made a Text Message Marketing Oopsie

The news has been spreading like wildfire. Apparently, even Facebook can get punished for their actions, especially when it comes to text marketing compliance. A Florida man is filing a lawsuit against this social media platform in response
8 Feb 2016

Mass Texting Solutions Make Instant Communication a Breeze

So, who exactly uses our mass texting solutions? Well, to name just a few; restaurants, retail locations, e-commerce stores, churches, and schools. In previous articles, we’ve touched a ton on restaurants and retail locations. Today, we want
5 Feb 2016

Top Features from Our Group Texting Service

Our group texting service prioritizes results. That’s no secret, as we’re constantly seeing users upgrade to paid plans. Sure, we give you an awesome return on your investment, but what other rewards do you reap when partnering with
2 Feb 2016

Our Mass Texting Service Makes These 3 Promises

Why partner with a mass texting service that doesn’t put your needs at the forefront? That just doesn’t make sense. Pick a platform that prioritizes your desire for reasonable growth. Below are three promises we make to
1 Feb 2016

SMS Marketing Promises Irrefutable Offer Redemption

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. 2016 is the year of the text message. 99% of all text messages are opened within five minutes of delivery. The average American looks at his/her cell phone 150+
28 Jan 2016

Make Sure Your Online Texting Service Prioritizes These Values

Your online texting service stinks. Ok, we’re half kidding. Maybe they really aren’t that bad, but you can do better. Now, we don’t want to point fingers here, but we kinda sorta think we’re a bit more
27 Jan 2016

Guess What? SMS Marketing is Here to Stay

The best way to connect with customers in a matter of seconds? SMS marketing. You can fire out messages that reach hundreds, even thousands of customers at the click of a button. Tons of business owners even use this strategy for
19 Jan 2016

Mass Texting Goes Mainstream in 2016

Gone are the days of firing out hundreds, even thousands of text messages from one long code. Not only is this completely inefficient, it also comes across as spammy and intrusive. Instead, partner up with a mass
4 Jan 2016

We’re Unapologetically Naming 2016 the “Year of the Text Message”

It’s time for text message marketing to shine. We want this mobile tactic to have a (permanent) moment in the spotlight. With that said, here’s some mobile statistics that will make your jaw drop. If you’ve ever been
29 Oct 2015

SMS Marketing Will Reach New Heights with Upcoming Email Integration

SMS marketing is an immediate and affordable mobile communication tool. Small business owners nationwide can find some sort of value in this tactic. But, as we always advise, never put all your eggs in one marketing basket.