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10 Oct 2016

Text Notifications for Online Surveys Bring Success

A recent study released by Pew Internet Research shared the direct relationship between survey completion and text notifications regarding these surveys. According to these statistics, email only survey notifications garnered a lower response rate. Pew states that, “on
8 Sep 2016

Retail Stores Cite Increased Customer Loyalty with SMS

According to research done in June of 2016, only 29% of U.S. retail firms are actively using SMS marketing. Another mobile marketing survey released last year proved that over half of US consumers prefer receiving loyalty based text
11 Aug 2016

Radio Listeners Favor Text 4 Info Vs Call

Recent research done by Marketing Architect proves that radio listeners are four times more likely to text in for info than call an 800 number. What could be the potential reasoning behind this behavior? First, it’s much
1 Aug 2016

Room Service is Now Just One Text Message Away

Ever heard of Zingle? If not, you should check it out. It’s a mobile messaging system that helps streamline the communication process between a business and its customers. And this is just one example. Traveling out of town, and
27 May 2016

New SMS Program May Help Smokers Quit with Supportive Messages

Picture this: a text messaging intervention. You’re about to pick up your first cigarette on a stressful Monday morning. Just as go to light up, you hear one new text notification, and boom. You stop right in your tracks.
25 May 2016

Online Retailers Rely on SMS for Post Purchase Notifications

Thousands of online retailers rely on SMS for order notifications. For example, let’s say you just ordered a piece of furniture online. In the past, retailers would fire out email alerts post purchase. These alerts might include
20 May 2016

Mobile Marketing and SMS: What’s the Real Difference?

You’ve probably heard the terms mobile marketing and SMS marketing used interchangeably. Unfortunately, this is definitely misleading, as there is no one or the other. They are not one in the same, nor are they comparative options.
5 Apr 2016

Healthcare Providers in New Delhi Launch Text to Rate Service

Overseas healthcare providers in New Delhi are launching a “text to rate” service feature. This allows patients to follow up, post visit and rate the quality of their service provider via SMS. This will help keep everyone
2 Mar 2016

Here’s How We Stand Above Other School Texting Services

It’s 2016, and without a doubt, texting is where it’s at. You can’t ignore the effectiveness of this communication solution. If you’ve tried text messaging for schools, or expressed interest in this method, here’s why Slick Text should
22 Feb 2016

Why Our Group Texting Service Wows Customers

in 2016, mobile is where it’s at. If you’re not texting customers, you’re missing out on a huge engagement opportunity. Text marketing helps you increase offer redemption, customer engagement, and brand loyalty. On top of that, this