SMS Marketing - Text Marketing Examples

12 Feb 2016

Quick Mass Texting Cheat Sheet: 3 Must Know Tips

Maybe you’re all about mass texting, but don’t have time to delve into the nitty gritty logistics. You need to fire out your first campaign in a hurry. Although we usually advise against this type of initial urgency,
15 Dec 2015

3 Tips for Food Truck Owners Who Want to Give SMS Marketing a Try

SMS marketing is an affordable solution for restaurants nationwide. At this point, that’s hopefully something we’ve made pretty clear. But, on top of being cost effective, it also allows you, the SMS marketing user, to engage with
14 Oct 2015

Let’s Review This Papa John’s Text to Win Contest

We love the opportunity that text to win contests bring. With one simple incentive, and tons of contest promotion, you can easily grow your SMS marketing list. Remember, when taking advantage of this awesome SMS marketing feature,
24 Sep 2015

SMS Marketing Discourages Invasive Tactics

SMS marketing is one of the most personal forms of modern day communication. Does it provide tons of immediate return? Absolutely. But, if you’re not careful, you’ll shoot yourself in the foot by being overly invasive. Here’s a
16 Sep 2015

Online Texting Services Prioritize Campaigns That Provide Extreme Value

Our online texting service prioritizes subscriber satisfaction. Don’t fire out an SMS campaign “just because”. Always have a plan, and schedule out all campaigns in advance. Follow a set promotional structure, and make sure each campaign includes the
1 Jul 2015

Check Out This Simple Yet Effective Dollar Tree Text to Win Contest

If you’ve given text message marketing a try, you know how effective a text to win contest can be. If done correctly, it can double, triple, even quadruple your current list size. Who wouldn’t want that? However,
26 Mar 2015

Breast Cancer Centers Use Text Message Reminders to Increase Screening Attendance

If you’re a mobile phone user, chances are you’ve received an automated emergency alert or weather notification at some point. For example, if you own an iPhone, open up your settings. You will see the option to switch
11 Mar 2015

Text Message Marketing Spreads Awareness for Domestic Violence Campaign

You may think that text message marketing is only used to encourage sales or grow business. Some of you may also realize that text message marketing can be used as an internal communication tool. But, what you
9 Jan 2015

Inspirational Text Message Marketing Campaigns

If you need a bit of text message marketing inspiration, we are here to give it to you. Although it has shown great results in many different cases over the years, the following three campaigns have stuck
17 Dec 2014

Black Friday Sales Increased with Text Message Marketing

If you are unfamiliar with text message marketing, now is the time to get to know this prime method of marketing, especially with Black Friday and Small Business Saturday events. SMS marketing, as it is also known,