SMS Marketing - Text Marketing Campaigns

14 Jul 2016

The Text Marketing Trifecta: 3 Campaigns That Will Always Perform

So you’ve signed up for your very first text marketing plan, and you’re ready to kickstart some successful campaign composition. These three basic campaigns are a great place to start. They regularly perform, and are extremely easy to
21 Apr 2016

Here’s a Little Bit More About Text Marketing for Restaurants

People are attached to their smartphones. Why not put your marketing messages right in their line of focus? Sure, TV is decent. But, if given the option, do you think people would choose a television or a
10 Mar 2016

Hundreds of Gyms Nationwide Rely on These Text Marketing Campaigns

Own a gym? How about a fitness center? Give these text marketing ideas for gyms and fitness centers a try, and watch as monthly membership gradually increases. These campaigns help you draw in new members, and reward current ones
24 Jun 2015

Palm Breeze Partners with Local Radio Station for Text to Win Contest

Did you know text to win contests are equally as valuable on a local level? Big brands routinely partner up with local media outlets to run text to win contests that offer a great return. We just came
16 Jun 2015

Twisted Tea and Ford Mustang Summer Text to Win Contest

Pictured below is a promotional graphic for the Twist Up Your Car text to win contest. Ford Mustang partnered with Twisted Tea to offer this summer special. Text to win contests are a great way to engage
10 Jun 2015

What We Can Learn from McDonald’s Text to Win Contest

Normally, brands use text to win contests to grow their list. However, in some situations, they’re only used to increase customer engagement and strengthen awareness. Pictured below is a text to win contest that McDonald’s ran in 2014.
3 Jun 2015

Coors Lights and Jason Aldean Partner Up for Text to Win Contest

Text to win contests are particularly popular among the concert crowd. We’ve worked with several big name promoters to increase concert attendance and capitalize on fan engagement. Not only do these campaigns instantly spike ticket sales, they also
29 May 2015

Dunkin’ Donuts and Jet Blue’s Instant Win Text Campaign

We love diving into large scale text to win campaigns. They prove how easy it is to engage the masses with one simple promotion. Last fall, Dunkin’ Donuts partnered with JetBlue to run an exclusive instant win text campaign.
28 May 2015

Top Takeaways from Abercrombie & Fitch “WARRIOR” Text to Win Campaign

Did you know that a ton of mass retailers use text message marketing to engage with their customers? Even the trendiest stores make use of this immediate and affordable communication method. When observing retail text message marketing campaigns, you’ll
26 May 2015

What We Can Learn from Reese’s Text to Win Contest

Did you know that internationally recognized brands use text message marketing to increase sales and customer interaction? Just to name a few, Coca Cola, Coors Light, and Reese’s all take advantage of this immediate and affordable communication method. Why?