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23 Jun 2015

Instagram Integrates Trending News Function in Search and Discovery

Instagram announced today that they will now feature trending stories and events on the Explore page. This tab has been revamped to show popular tags and places. What makes functionality like this so important? Is this a
17 Jun 2015

Video Previews in App Store Offer Limited ROI

Head over to the App Store. Note that most of your favorite apps offer a video preview. Video marketing is a great way to promote your product or service, but recent research shows that this method proves unsuccessful
9 Jun 2015

Social Challenge App Takes Cause Related Campaigns to Another Level

Hold onto your hats, all you social cause campaign supporters. Did you take part in the ice bucket challenge? Do you want to use your social participation to promote the greater good? Chances are, you’re the type of
2 Jun 2015

Instagram Hopes to Increase User Engagement with Email Highlights

If done correctly, email marketing can greatly increase social engagement. However, if a social media channel abuses this power, it will do just the opposite. Instagram has decided to tread that fine line, as they predict that
27 May 2015

Apps Are the Driving Force Behind Millennial Mobile Shopping Habits

Some marketing managers assume that the mobile shopping experience is driven by PPC advertising. To put it in simpler terms, they think that consumers are more apt to make a purchase on their mobile phone when enticed with
15 May 2015

Coffee Lovers Heated Over Starbucks Mobile Pay App Fraud

Have you ever used a payment app to process a transaction? Imagine what would happen if someone used an app to access your financial information. In the past month, the Starbucks mobile app has proven shaky at best, as
13 May 2015

2016 Digital Ad Spend Numbers for Presidential Campaign Predicted to Hit 1 Billion

Politicians haven’t always relied on digital or mobile marketing efforts to increase campaign engagement. But in the last year, President Obama has encouraged the use of these popular marketing channels. Instead of counting on cold calls or campaign flyers, politicians now
5 May 2015

New Research Suggests Toddlers Pick Up Mobile Before Potty Training

You probably read that title and thought “there’s just no way!“. But it’s true. If you have a little one in your life, you may have even seen it with your own eyes. Toddlers are becoming increasingly
30 Apr 2015

Dominos Mobile Site Conversions Fail Compared to Ordering App

According to recent news from Mobile Marketing Watch, Dominos has observed a decrease in mobile site ranking and profitability. Now, this might come as a shock, when it seems that all things now trend towards mobile. How can
28 Apr 2015

Consumers Aren’t in a Rush to Purchase Wearable Devices

The recent release of the Apple iWatch has sparked an insightful conversation about the consumer’s desire to purchase wearable technology. What was anticipated to be a trend that would take the country by storm hasn’t quite picked up