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6 Oct 2015

Frequent Mobile Messaging Positively Affects Sales

A recent study released by OtherLevel’s 2015 Retail Mobile Messaging Study suggests that frequent mobile messaging increase sales. The more brands engage with their customers, the more they sell. How can this be?  This study focused on
1 Oct 2015

Marketers Forced to Get Crafty in the Post Attention Age

We’ve preached before on the importance of going mobile with your marketing campaigns. Although we never recommend centering all your efforts around this new school method, it definitely should take up a good chunk of your strategic
29 Sep 2015

Guess What? Mobile Marketing Works for Seniors

Tons of business owners think that mobile marketing is most likely reserved for millennials. Although younger generations respond well to these methods, the older demographic can also benefit from creative, yet simple mobile campaigns. When drafting up SMS
2 Sep 2015

Instagram Responds to Demands with Photo Resizing Options

It’s no secret, our social media obsessed generation hates blurry, stretched photos. It totally ruins the browsing experience, and doesn’t allow for much visual appeal. Facebook already resizes photos to fit different devices, and has now pushed
25 Aug 2015

Top Whisperings About the Upcoming iPhone 6S Release Location

We’ve recently heard rumors that Apple is planning on unveiling the iPhone 6S in a new venue. Although there currently isn’t concrete evidence or a statement to support these whisperings, several large mobile industry players are definitely
18 Aug 2015

TV Ads Prove Appealing to Mobile App Marketers

Just when we thought television ads were becoming a thing of the past, and only suitable for billion dollar corporations, we’ve been proven wrong. Recent studies show that television ads are the go to for mobile app
22 Jul 2015

Internet Ad Spend Predicted to Trump Television in 2017

It’s no secret, the Internet has been making its presence known for quite some time. Years ago, television was the big dog. The best of the best would pool millions of ad spend into one or two
16 Jul 2015

Location Based Initiatives Grow in the Mobile Sector

Location based targeting is the new hot thing in the mobile world. And if you step back to reflect, this initiative makes tons of sense. Gone are the days of sending out mobile offers to unqualified users.
10 Jul 2015

Native Ads Trump Banner Ads on Mobile Devices

This year, native ads have taken the lead, especially when it comes to mobile devices and advertiser preferences. When reviewing this information, we asked our team, what’s so special about native ads? Although we came up with a bunch
30 Jun 2015

Push Notification Opt In Doubles Average Mobile App Retention Rate

Kahuna, one of the top leaders in mobile marketing automation, released a report today that analyzed app opt in and retention rates. This report also detailed the effects of automation, or lack thereof. The research includes data collected