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1 Aug 2016

Room Service is Now Just One Text Message Away

Ever heard of Zingle? If not, you should check it out. It’s a mobile messaging system that helps streamline the communication process between a business and its customers. And this is just one example. Traveling out of town, and
19 Jul 2016

Increasing Number of Retailers Hop on the Emoji Bandwagon

What would life be like without emojis? Imagine relying solely on written word to convey emotions – no thank you. But seriously, online retailers and mobile marketers are jumping on the emoji marketing bandwagon. In our opinion, you’d
24 Mar 2016

Here’s Why the Mobile Advocacy Coalition Formed in 2009

Seven years ago, we heard musings of a new organization that was determined to protect the future of mobile marketing. The MAC (Mobile Advocacy Coalition) formed sometime in 2009, and was comprised of several different SMS aggregators,
29 Jan 2016

We’re Ready for Facebook’s New Reactions Rollout, How About You?

First things first, let’s take a minute to openly discuss how obsessed we are with Facebook’s success. Seriously, think about it. They’re home to the largest portal of unique and share worthy content on the world wide
21 Jan 2016

The One Driving Force Behind All Mobile Marketing Solutions

We’re completely obsessed with mobile marketing. That should be no secret, as we’re one of the top mass texting services currently online. With that said, we want to take a minute to recognize other mobile marketing solutions, and one thing we
11 Jan 2016

Here’s How SMS Marketing Fits into Wearable Technology

We’re all about those wearable devices. In fact, every employee in our office is currently sporting the Apple Watch. It’s no secret, we’re also huge fans of SMS marketing. We’re all about innovation, especially when it bridges
4 Jan 2016

We’re Unapologetically Naming 2016 the “Year of the Text Message”

It’s time for text message marketing to shine. We want this mobile tactic to have a (permanent) moment in the spotlight. With that said, here’s some mobile statistics that will make your jaw drop. If you’ve ever been
10 Nov 2015

Anticipated Mobile Marketing Trends for 2016

2015 is quickly coming to a close. What does that mean for you, the small business owner? It’s time to brief yourself on the hottest new marketing tactics. When it comes to digital methods, you really need
13 Oct 2015

Mobile Marketing Enhances Brand Loyalty Initiatives

One of the easiest ways to observe increased brand loyalty? Invest in mobile marketing. About 99% of U.S. citizens own a mobile device. Just observing this statistic alone, it’s easy to see why this new school tactic
7 Oct 2015

Apple Tight Lipped About New Startup Acquisition

Apple is floating under the radar with their most recent investment, the purchase of Perceptio. On occasion, Apple goes shopping for smaller tech companies that have not yet been tainted by heavy investor relations. Apple prides itself