Black Friday Sales Increased with Text Message Marketing

text message marketing on black fridayIf you are unfamiliar with text message marketing, now is the time to get to know this prime method of marketing, especially with Black Friday and Small Business Saturday events. SMS marketing, as it is also known, has an open rate as high as 97%, and it can work for all businesses. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, and people are searching high and low for the best deals, just as they are doing to show their support on Small Business Saturday. Now is the time to implement text message marketing into the scheme of things to increase customer sales on these two great shopping days.

Furthermore, sales are expected to increase in 2014. A 4.1% rate increase is expected, which is greater than the 3.1% number seen last year. Shoppers will still be looking for the best deals, so this is something that can benefit all businesses. If you are a small business owner, 31.7% of your sales could come from your deals and promotions, which is far better than the 22.9% rate that was seen in 2013.


Using Text Message Marketing on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

There are many ways in which a business can use text message marketing on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and other times of the year to increase sales. Check out these ideas.


Exclusive Offers

If you send a customer an offer available only through text marketing, more people will want to opt-in to receive that special offer. Do not forget the in-store deals, of course, but also be mindful of how well SMS marketing works and how much it is enjoyed.


Flash Sales

Flash sales are those last minute deals that customers love, and by offering them, you can keep customers exciting and awaiting your text message.



You can make daily or weekly deals available through your SMS marketing campaign and get more people to join your list. You can have these sales that lead up to these big events, and make them special!


Text to Win Deals

Old Navy is just one brand that is offering a text to win incentive for the 2014 year. Their game offers a prize of $1 million, as well as several $200 shopping sprees. Consider adding your own text-to-win deal and see the excitement build.


Scavenger Hunts

Why not add a little bit of fun to things and promote a scavenger hunt via SMS marketing? Many people are shopping at several stores on these two shopping days, and your scavenger hunt will certainly increase excitement and the potential number of customers who will patronize your store.