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24 Jun 2015

Palm Breeze Partners with Local Radio Station for Text to Win Contest

Did you know text to win contests are equally as valuable on a local level? Big brands routinely partner up with local media outlets to run text to win contests that offer a great return. We just came
23 Jun 2015

Instagram Integrates Trending News Function in Search and Discovery

Instagram announced today that they will now feature trending stories and events on the Explore page. This tab has been revamped to show popular tags and places. What makes functionality like this so important? Is this a
17 Jun 2015

Video Previews in App Store Offer Limited ROI

Head over to the App Store. Note that most of your favorite apps offer a video preview. Video marketing is a great way to promote your product or service, but recent research shows that this method proves unsuccessful
16 Jun 2015

Twisted Tea and Ford Mustang Summer Text to Win Contest

Pictured below is a promotional graphic for the Twist Up Your Car text to win contest. Ford Mustang partnered with Twisted Tea to offer this summer special. Text to win contests are a great way to engage
11 Jun 2015

Here’s Why Text Message Marketing is Just Like Online Dating

In the world of online dating, you get to know someone on a personal level, while at the same time maintaining a comfortable and secure distance. A recent article written by Small Business Trends compared mobile marketing to
10 Jun 2015

What We Can Learn from McDonald’s Text to Win Contest

Normally, brands use text to win contests to grow their list. However, in some situations, they’re only used to increase customer engagement and strengthen awareness. Pictured below is a text to win contest that McDonald’s ran in 2014.
9 Jun 2015

Social Challenge App Takes Cause Related Campaigns to Another Level

Hold onto your hats, all you social cause campaign supporters. Did you take part in the ice bucket challenge? Do you want to use your social participation to promote the greater good? Chances are, you’re the type of
4 Jun 2015

Here’s One Situation That Encourages SMS Marketers to Be Aggressive

Here at, we usually advise customers to steer clear of obnoxious messaging. Generally speaking, first time users should send out no more than 4-6 campaigns a month. If you rack up too many outbound campaigns, your opt
3 Jun 2015

Coors Lights and Jason Aldean Partner Up for Text to Win Contest

Text to win contests are particularly popular among the concert crowd. We’ve worked with several big name promoters to increase concert attendance and capitalize on fan engagement. Not only do these campaigns instantly spike ticket sales, they also
2 Jun 2015

Instagram Hopes to Increase User Engagement with Email Highlights

If done correctly, email marketing can greatly increase social engagement. However, if a social media channel abuses this power, it will do just the opposite. Instagram has decided to tread that fine line, as they predict that