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2 Aug 2014

Text Marketing Brings WWE to your Cell Phone

WWE fans who own a cellular device need to sign up to receive text marketing messages from the popular organization. Those messages contain up-to-date news from the World Wrestling Entertainment, and all of the important information that
29 Jul 2014

Text Message Marketing Trivia Campaigns Can be Successful

Both new businesses, as well as those already established, can benefit with the help of a text message marketing campaign. These days text message marketing is the most preferred method of contact, and businesses small and large
18 Jul 2014

Text Marketing Helps Stop Bullying

Coming in September, British Columbia Canada schools are launching a text marketing program aimed at helping eliminate bullying. During the hours of 3 p.m. and 11 p.m. daily, students will be able to text a special number
15 Jul 2014

Mac Cosmetics Introduces New Line Via Text Message Marketing

For brands that launch new products regularly, the use of text message marketing could very well be the method of promotion that works wonders for your label. Mac Cosmetics has done just that, using this popular marketing
3 Jul 2014

Redbox Text Message Marketing Success

Redbox has been around for a few years now. The movie-kiosk rental company was the first of its kind, and the popularity of the instant, credit-check free, dollar rentals skyrocketed quickly. Text message marketing was around when
30 Jun 2014

Chipotle Wins With Text Message Marketing Contests

Text message marketing is bigger and better than ever, and one very popular restaurant chain is embarking on this increased phenomenon. Chipotle Mexican Grill is now offering text-to-win campaigns to their loyal fan base, a new addition
28 Jun 2014

Text Message Marketing Wins For Coffee Giant

Starbucks isn’t a stranger to the world of text message marketing, and now the coffee giant is at it again, this time using the popular form of promotion to introduce their “Frappuccino Fun All Summer Long’ campaign.
5 Jun 2014

UK Text Message Marketing Crackdown

In the six month period between April and November 2013 a total of 120,310 nuisance calls were reported to the ICO. For these calls fines were mandated which brought a total of  £2.54 million, and those companies
1 Jun 2014

Text Message Marketing In The UK

The US has seen a rise in text message marketing popularity in 2013, and now things are moving north. WARC published a report recently that highlighted the benefits and the results of text marketing. This report indicated
30 May 2014

New Apple Technology Means Text Marketing Changes

Numerous states across the United States have implemented laws that make it dangerous to text while driving an automobile. These laws aim to eliminate accidents caused by distracted drivers. However, things aren’t so cut and dry in