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25 May 2016

Online Retailers Rely on SMS for Post Purchase Notifications

Thousands of online retailers rely on SMS for order notifications. For example, let’s say you just ordered a piece of furniture online. In the past, retailers would fire out email alerts post purchase. These alerts might include
20 May 2016

Mobile Marketing and SMS: What’s the Real Difference?

You’ve probably heard the terms mobile marketing and SMS marketing used interchangeably. Unfortunately, this is definitely misleading, as there is no one or the other. They are not one in the same, nor are they comparative options.
21 Apr 2016

Here’s a Little Bit More About Text Marketing for Restaurants

People are attached to their smartphones. Why not put your marketing messages right in their line of focus? Sure, TV is decent. But, if given the option, do you think people would choose a television or a
14 Apr 2016

Text Message Marketing Makes Employee Communication a Breeze

Want to simplify your internal communication? Give text messaging a try. Considering 99% of all text messages are opened in five minutes or less, this is a great way to communicate effectively among departments. 1. Communicate urgent information. In an
11 Apr 2016

SMS Marketing is a Big Win for Retail Stores

It’s slowly creeping across the nation. Major retailers are using SMS marketing as a way to promote exclusive offers and keep in touch with regular customers. On top of that, 99% of text messages are opened within
5 Apr 2016

Healthcare Providers in New Delhi Launch Text to Rate Service

Overseas healthcare providers in New Delhi are launching a “text to rate” service feature. This allows patients to follow up, post visit and rate the quality of their service provider via SMS. This will help keep everyone
29 Mar 2016

Marketing Agencies Look for Innovative, Digital Solutions

If you work as an account representative at a digital marketing agency, you know the importance of curated, customized client solutions. There isn’t a one size fits all recipe when it comes to marketing. You have to
24 Mar 2016

Here’s Why the Mobile Advocacy Coalition Formed in 2009

Seven years ago, we heard musings of a new organization that was determined to protect the future of mobile marketing. The MAC (Mobile Advocacy Coalition) formed sometime in 2009, and was comprised of several different SMS aggregators,
10 Mar 2016

Hundreds of Gyms Nationwide Rely on These Text Marketing Campaigns

Own a gym? How about a fitness center? Give these text marketing ideas for gyms and fitness centers a try, and watch as monthly membership gradually increases. These campaigns help you draw in new members, and reward current ones
4 Mar 2016

Text Marketing for Retail Store Owners Heightens Brand Awareness

Long story short, if people don’t know about your brand, what’s the point? You can’t just assume that business will come floating in, as that isn’t a realistic, long term expectation. Here’s how text marketing for retail