Anticipated Mobile Marketing Trends for 2016

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2015 is quickly coming to a close. What does that mean for you, the small business owner? It’s time to brief yourself on the hottest new marketing tactics. When it comes to digital methods, you really need to keep up with high performing options, as this is the only way to secure long term growth. There’s nothing wrong with testing. Not every method will yield long term results. But, the more you try, the more you know. Buckle up, marketing professionals. 2016, more than ever, is the year of mobile.

Better Location Based Targeting

Sure, location based targeting currently exists. But, there’s so much more potential. Companies want to target mobile users based on time of day, device usage, and more. They then will be coupling this data with current location based segmentation and research.

Better Mobile Payment Technology

Sure, mobile checkouts are currently quite efficient. But, there needs to be more functionality. In 2016, retailers will make the mobile ordering process ten times easier. For example, Domino’s currently allows you to order via Tweet. We expect other large retailers and franchise restaurants to follow through with this technique. Within this functionality, there will also be ways to reward customers for their mobile loyalty. If they engage with brands via mobile, they will be able to earn rewards, points, etc. Even if this is done through an app, customers want to be rewarded for their mobile engagement.

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