A New Way for Text Marketing: What is Text to Tip?

Text to Tip

In March of this year Starbucks added a new digital tipping feature to their mobile payment program, and the news is pretty exciting for the coffee-loving fans who frequent this top coffee shop. Available now for the iOS, future plans to release the app for Android is scheduled for later in 2014.

Starbucks customers from The US, UK and from Canada have access to the new app. With the app a customer can add a tip to their purchase for a period of up to two hours after the person has left the store. The option to add 50 cents, $1 or $2 has now been added. A digital receipt is given for the tip. The new app Is in addition to the Shake to Pay app released by the company three years ago. This app allowed a customer to shake their phone and pay.

According to Adam Brotman, the Chief Digital Officer with Starbucks, this is something that customers have been asking for, something that they have been waiting for. It is a technology driven world and fewer people are carrying cash on them than ever before. With this app people can now leave the tip to commend the exceptional service that they received.

This is a first in the world of text marketing. And, so far it seems that things are going good, with around 10 million people already downloading the app since its launch. This is certainly interesting and a new trend that others may want to follow themselves.

Text marketing is used by many businesses already. It is easy and has a number of other benefits as well. It is also effective and enables a business to build relationships with their customers and to attract new people their way. With such an app, an assortment of restaurants hotels and other businesses could make the lives of their customers easier while also meeting the latest and greatest in technology.