3 Tips for Food Truck Owners Who Want to Give SMS Marketing a Try

SMS marketing

SMS marketing is an affordable solution for restaurants nationwide. At this point, that’s hopefully something we’ve made pretty clear. But, on top of being cost effective, it also allows you, the SMS marketing user, to engage with interested customers. You can grow a qualified list of subscribers who, if marketed to correctly, will remain loyal for years to come. Now, in addition to brick and mortar restaurants, did you know that SMS marketing can help you increase traffic to your food truck? Tons of people open up their business with the “if you build it, they will come” mentality. Unfortunately, this isn’t always effective. You might sling the best burgers in town, but if no one knows you exist, your business won’t grow. So, now enter SMS marketing.

We highly recommend all food truck owners take advantage of this mobile communication tactic in 2016. Take note of these few tips before firing out your first SMS campaign.

1. Already have a cult following? Let hungry pedestrians know your location week to week.

Sometime, food trucks see a decrease in business because loyal foodies don’t know where they’re parked. Let’s say you give a new food truck a try on Thursday at your local park. You loved the food, and plan on returning the next day for lunch. But, when you go back on Friday, the food truck is gone. If you would’ve connected with them via text, you’d be able to provide returning business.

2. Fire out exclusive and limited time promotions.

Do more than sharing your location. Share special offers. You can actually kill two birds with one stone. Fire out a text that reads something like, “We’re parked on East Avenue today from 9AM-4PM. Show this text for $2 off your lunch order.”

3. Your truck is a blank canvas.

Use it as an advertising tool. In bold lettering, paint opt in details on the side, front, or back. Make sure you also include an irresistible opt in incentive, as this will also help you quickly grow your list.

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