2016 Digital Ad Spend Numbers for Presidential Campaign Predicted to Hit 1 Billion

Text Message Marketing for Politicians

Politicians haven’t always relied on digital or mobile marketing efforts to increase campaign engagement. But in the last year, President Obama has encouraged the use of these popular marketing channels. Instead of counting on cold calls or campaign flyers, politicians now see the value in digital advertising methods. Not only are these techniques affordable, but the ROI numbers are completely undeniable. You can target and track the results of your efforts, so what’s not to love?

Digital doesn’t just mean desktop. In fact, most new digital ad formats are optimized for mobile devices. On top of this, some politicians have even turned to text message marketing as a way to touch base with the younger generation.

Although television and radio advertising spend still remains the biggest expense, digital has become quite mainstream. Why do politicians see such a huge return on their original investment? With digital methods, campaign managers have the ability to micro target. They can reach out to people in certain locations, even ones with specific interests or lifestyle habits. In the political realm, this proves to be incredibly valuable. Naturally, certain politicians appeal to specific demographics. Now, instead of just hoping to reach these people, campaign managers can guarantee contact using digital advertising methods.

In 2012, campaign spend for the presidential election soared to 3.8 billion. In 2008, it sat at 2.4 billion. With this drastic increase in campaign spend, coupled with the proven effectiveness of digital advertising, we can predict that digital spend will experience a new high in 2016.

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