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10 Oct 2016

Text Notifications for Online Surveys Bring Success

A recent study released by Pew Internet Research shared the direct relationship between survey completion and text notifications regarding these surveys. According to these statistics, email only survey notifications garnered a lower response rate. Pew states that, “on average, panelists in the email and text group completed the survey earlier than those in the email-only group.” […]
8 Sep 2016

Retail Stores Cite Increased Customer Loyalty with SMS

According to research done in June of 2016, only 29% of U.S. retail firms are actively using SMS marketing. Another mobile marketing survey released last year proved that over half of US consumers prefer receiving loyalty based text offers. When you cross examine these two statistics, opportunity arises. If the majority of US based consumers want to […]
11 Aug 2016

Radio Listeners Favor Text 4 Info Vs Call

Recent research done by Marketing Architect proves that radio listeners are four times more likely to text in for info than call an 800 number. What could be the potential reasoning behind this behavior? First, it’s much easier to remember a six digit shortcode compared to a ten digit phone number. Listeners want convenience and […]
1 Aug 2016

Room Service is Now Just One Text Message Away

Ever heard of Zingle? If not, you should check it out. It’s a mobile messaging system that helps streamline the communication process between a business and its customers. And this is just one example. Traveling out of town, and flying solo at a hotel? Got a question about restaurants nearby? Need some recommendations from the front desk? […]
19 Jul 2016

Increasing Number of Retailers Hop on the Emoji Bandwagon

What would life be like without emojis? Imagine relying solely on written word to convey emotions – no thank you. But seriously, online retailers and mobile marketers are jumping on the emoji marketing bandwagon. In our opinion, you’d be foolish not to. First, more than anything else, this has become a universally recognized text language. Sometimes, […]
14 Jul 2016

The Text Marketing Trifecta: 3 Campaigns That Will Always Perform

So you’ve signed up for your very first text marketing plan, and you’re ready to kickstart some successful campaign composition. These three basic campaigns are a great place to start. They regularly perform, and are extremely easy to set up. 1. Text to Win Contest Pick an irresistible grand prize, and one small instant win offer. […]
20 Jun 2016

How Text Message Marketing Separates Itself from the Pack

We’re super huge fans of text message marketing. You might think we’re a little bias, and sure – we’d have to agree. But, with all that said, here’s a few key facts that back up our obsession with this tactic. The open rate alone puts other methods to shame. Over 90% of all text messages are […]
14 Jun 2016

Text Message Marketing Ideas for Retail Stores

So you own a retail store, and you’re ready to dive right into text message marketing. Biggest problem? You don’t know where to start. You’ve flipped through our educational resources, surfed around in your dashboard, but you’re still struggling to come up with campaign ideas. These three examples will help you get started in the […]
13 Jun 2016

SMS Marketing Extraordinaire: How to Optimize Your Campaigns

There’s nothing about SMS marketing that even beginners can’t understand. What separates the newbies from the experts? One thing: practice. SMS marketing experts know the importance of educating themselves about best practices. If you spend time combing through our dense resources, you’ll be a pro in no time. In the meantime, here are a few general […]
27 May 2016

New SMS Program May Help Smokers Quit with Supportive Messages

Picture this: a text messaging intervention. You’re about to pick up your first cigarette on a stressful Monday morning. Just as go to light up, you hear one new text notification, and boom. You stop right in your tracks. You open the message up, and are greeted with a supporting message that makes you think twice about […]