Text Messaging Ideas For Schools

Many schools use phone systems to communicate news and updates to their staff and parents. This is much slower and more invasive than mass text messaging. That's why many school systems are incorporating text message alerts into their notifications process.

In a lot of cases, texts are completely replacing phone alerts all together. However you look at it, here are some ways text messaging can be utilized for schools and other educational organizations.

text messaging ideas for schools

Here are some excellent text messaging ideas for schools!


Phone calls don't always reach everyone. Especially when they go to landlines. Texts are the most efficient way to get the word out.

All after school activities are cancelled today due to the weather. Thank you!

Event Reminders

Remind parents and students about events happening at the school.

Don't forget about Friday night's homecoming game! The parade will start at 5 PM. See you all there!

Emergency Alerts

Is there an emergency? Text all parents with the click of a button.

There was a fire in the science wing of the middle school today. NO STUDENTS WERE INJURED. More updates to come.

Other text messaging resources for schools.

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