Text Marketing Ideas for Marketing Firms

Did you know that 99% of text messages are opened within five minutes or less? As an account representative at a marketing agency, this statistic will blow your client's mind. You want to offer marketing solutions that offer the greatest return, so why not try text marketing?

Text marketing is a fast, easy, and efficient solution; for both you and your clients. In this day and age, it's time to go mobile, or get left behind. Why not offer your client's the most innovative and tech savvy solutions? Here's some text marketing campaign ideas to get you started.

text marketing ideas for marketing agencies

Great text marketing ideas for agencies...

Mobile Coupons

Encourage your agency clients to fire out exclusive, limited time mobile offers. This will encourage offer redemption and increase subscriber engagement.

It's Spring Fashion Week! Show this text for VIP backstage access to our first show on Monday, January 18 at 430PM.

Event Announcements

Promoting a product launch party? How about a grand opening? Keep text marketing subscribers in the loop with a quick reminder.

We're so excited to announce our grand opening! You're invited to our exclusive launch tomorrow night at 830PM. Show this text for one complimentary cocktail.

Run a Contest

Running a text contest builds your text marketing list and rewards your customers for their continuing loyalty.

You did it! You entered to win a FREE 58" flat screen TV. We'll be announcing the winners tomorrow at 7 PM.

Appointment Reminders

On the agency end, you can use text marketing to remind clients of weekly or monthly reviews.

Don't forget our meeting today at 1230PM in the East Office. Look forward to reviewing your growth!

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