Text Marketing Ideas For Fast Food Restaurants

Text marketing is working wonders for the fast food industry right now and the best part is that it's just in its infancy stage! New restaurants are beginning to market to their customers via text everyday and drive their marketing ROI through the roof!

Think about how powerful it would be on a slow day when you could use some extra traffic... With a simple text message and incentive, you could fill your restaurant with the click of a button!

text marketing / SMS Marketing ideas for Fast Food Restaurants

Great text marketing ideas for fast food restaurants...

Mobile Coupons

Hook your customers with a special offer.

Get a FREE DRINK with the purchase of a value meal today though this Friday! Show this text to get the deal!

Run a Contest

Text marketing contests build your subscriber bases and increase customer morale. Here's an example...

Sweet! You've entered for a chance to win FREE LUNCH FOR A WEEK! We'll be announcing the winners next weekend. Good luck!!

Flash Specials

Overstocked on a particular product? Send out a special offer!

MMS marketing for fast foodToday only, buy a 5 pc chicken nugget, get the second one free!

Staff Communications

Text message marketing will land your messages in the hands of employees instantly.

Don't forget about the staff meeting tomorrow morning at 11 AM here at the restaurant. Bring a pen and paper!

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