Church / ministry text messaging ideas

Churches all over the world are hopping on the church text messaging bandwagon because it provides them with the fastest and easiest way to communicate to their congregation.

Whether it's event alerts, notification, or prayer requests, text messging is way to get everyone in the know!

Text messaging ideas for churches and ministries

Below are some ways other churches are using text messaging...

Church Updates

Make sure the entire congregation knows what's happening. Everyone reads their text messages!

Don't forget about tomorrow's pot luck dinner at 6PM! We'll see you there! - Pastor Jim

Prayer Requests

Prayer chain requests make it to people much faster via text message than any other way.

Please pray for our missionaries as they are traveling though some dangerous parts of the Ukraine tomorrow afternoon.

Cancellation Notices

Get everyone on the same page with what's going on with cancellation text alerts.

Tonight's youth group is cancelled today due to the weather. We will see you this Sunday!

Daily Devotionals

Text messages are a great way to let everyone know what their homework is!

Dont' forget to read Mark Ch 4 vs 3 - 8 for this Sunday's sermon!

Other text messaging resources for churches & ministries.

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