Text Marketing Ideas For Bars

Picture having the ability to land a coupon, special offer, or event notification in the hands of hundreds of your best customers with the click of a button. That's what the power of text marketing offers you. It's an easy and cost effective way to drive your traffic to your business!

Text marketing has become the cornerstone method in the different ways that bars communicate to their customers. No other avenue has proven itself to be as fast or effective. With that being said, to ensure that you're text marketing campaigns are as effective as possible, we've given you some ideas here to keep things new and fresh!

text marketing / SMS Marketing ideas for bars

Here are some of our best text marketing ideas for bars

Mobile Coupons

Offer your customers a simple incentive to come out and have a drink.

MMS marketing for barsGoing out tonight? Show this text at Tom's Tavern and enjoy a FREE draft with the purchase of another! Good only for tonight!

Event Reminders

Remind your customers about that football game party you're hosting this weekend.

Football fan? Stop by Tom's Tavern and watch the game with us this Sunday at 1 PM. We'll be running killer deals on all your favorite drinks!

Bring a Friend Specials

Give your customers an incentive to bring a friend in with them!

Stop by Tom's Tavern tomorrow night with a friend and you'll each receive a free shot on the house!

Run a Contest

Throw a contest to build your SMS marketing list and build customer loyalty.

Thanks for entering to win 2 free growlers of our finest porter! We'll be announcing the winners at midnight. Don't miss it!

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