Send Mass Text Messages

Mass texting with the simple click of a button.

Easily send mass text messages

Mass text messaging is at the core of what we do and it couldn't be easier with our streamlined SMS platform. Always within a single click away, sending a text blast to your marketing list is as simple as typing your message, selecting which list you want to send to, and clicking the send button! Your subscribers will receive your message within seconds.

How To Send A Mass Text Message

Sending a mass text message is easy. Once you have grown your subscriber base and have enough people to text, follow these simple steps.

  1. Click "Send a Message" in the dashboard menu.
  2. Select which list your want to send your text message to.
  3. Type out your text message.
  4. Click the send button or schedule it to be sent at a later date.

Our goal is always to provide you with the fastest and easiest tool for sending bulk SMS to your customers. While we make make this easy, we have a zero tolerance policy for spam and all subscribers must have explicitly opted in before receiving any text messages.

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