Text Message Marketing Benefits for the
Real Estate Industry

text marketing for Real Estate

Here's a list of some text marketing benefits and uses...

Benefits for the agents...

  • You can instantly blast out property listing info to interested buyers whenever
  • Slick Text records numbers that text in for info so you can call them later
  • It helps to streamline lead generation in new and effective way
  • Text marketing saves money on print and ad costs
  • You can schedule messages, alerts, & reminders to go out on specific dates and times.

Benefits for the buyers...

  • They can instantly get more info on a listing without having to pick up the phone
  • They can have the agent's number texted right back to their phone so there's no need to write things down.

Uses for text marketing / SMS marketing in the real estate industry...

  • Easy lead generation
  • Give interested buyers quick, non-obtrusive information about properties
  • Updated interested parties on new info with a property
  • Schedule appointment reminders with home buyers

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