Text Marketing Benefits for Restaurants

text message marketing for restaurants

Here's a list of some text marketing benefits and uses...

Benefits for you...

  • Text marketing will increase foot traffic to your business
  • It will increase your sales and customer base
  • It will build brand awareness
  • You can reward your loyal customers while creating new ones
  • You will establish more of a personal relationship with your customers
  • You'll instantly communicate to your customers
  • You'll be awesome for utilizing an "Eco-Friendly" marketing method
  • Your customers will forward your text specials to their friends
  • You get the love and support from real people at Slick Text

Benefits for your customers...

  • They will conveniently receive specials and info right to their phones
  • They will stay in the loop with your business
  • They Don't have to carry paper coupons
  • They won't feel forgotten due to lack of marketing reach
  • They feel refreshed to receive marketing messages via a new and exciting communication stream

Uses for text marketing / SMS marketing in the food & beverage industry...

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner specials
  • Mobile text coupons
  • Customers can help spread your word by forwarding texts to friends
  • Buy one, get one specials
  • Upcoming event reminders
  • Strategically schedule texts to blast out before dinner time or upcoming events
  • Reservation reminders
  • Staff Communications

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