Benefits of Church Text Messaging

text messaging for churches

Here's a list of some text messaging benefits and uses for your church or ministry...

Benefits for you...

  • Church text messaging increases attendance
  • Increased outreach
  • Increased tithes
  • increased engagement from congregation
  • Text messages are cheaper than the cost for a call system or printed event reminders
  • Everyone gets your message instantly!
  • 95% of text messages are read within the first 5 minutes

Benefits for your congregation...

  • People feel like they're more a part of the church
  • Quick and convenient reminders of church events
  • People can receive daily devotionals
  • No one is left out of important messages
  • Church texting keeps people in the loop!

Possible uses for church / ministry text alerts...

  • Incorporate texts with sermons
  • Daily devotionals
  • General church notifications and updates
  • Prayer requests
  • Emergency updates
  • Youth group communication
  • Last minute changes
  • Bible study communication
  • Men's and Women's groups Communication

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