What text marketing is all about.

Interruption marketing is dead.

We are hit with thousands of advertising messages everyday. Businesses spend thousands of dollars per year trying to interrupt us for a few moments in hopes that we'll listen to what they have to say. With so many advertisements being thrown at us day by day, our minds have learned to filter most of these messages out. This is why we are seeing increasingly provocative and edgy marketing in the world today. Text marketing takes the exact opposite approach!

It's now about permission marketing.

Permission marketing is an alternate method of marketing where your customers volunteer to listen what you have to say. It's much more effective, as they only allow businesses that they care about to market to them. Permission based marketing has a much higher rate of return when compared to other forms of advertising such as newspaper, radio, magazine, and TV ads. Sounds great, right? Now, you might be wondering a few things...

How the heck will I communicate to just MY customers?

How will they volunteer to hear my advertising?

Am I going to have to manage some sort of customer list???

This is where text message marketing comes in!

Man receiving text marketing message

Did you know that 94% of ALL Americans have a cellphone?

85% of those people keep their phones on them during the day!

With over 6.5 trillion texts sent in the US in 2010, It's obvious that communication via text messaging has become one of the largest and fastest ways we connect with each other. News and information sent by text message spreads faster than any other form communication.

Text marketing combines the effectivness of permission marketing with the power of text messaging to make it incredibly easy for you to start marketing to your customers like never before.

So here's how text marketing works...

Choose a "textword" that applies to your business.

Once you reserve your textword, it's YOURS. Each textword or phrase represents it's own text marketing list. In the example at the top of this page, that business used the textword "toms bar".

Customers text your word to a special "short number" dedicated to you.

So when your customers are sitting at their table, waiting to get their food or standing at the register, waiting to check out, they text your word to the number you have on display to sign up for your text marketing list.

Their number then goes into a text marketing list for that textword.

When they send the message, our website reads the textword, and automatically puts their phone number into a text marketing list for you to send messages to later. Each textword you have, represents its own list.

From there, just log in to your account. Select the text marketing list you want to send a mass text message to and BOOM! Everyone who has volunteered to hear what your business has to say can instantly hear you loud and clear.

Wham, bam, thank you ma'm! Text marketing is really that easy!

Get started with text marketing today!

We're here to help you through anything you need to get started.

You're in excellent hands. We work with some of the world's greatest companies.