Text Marketing for Lead Generation

Control and enhance your lead generation efforts with text message marketing. It's instantaneous, easily accessible, and best of all, over 90% of all text messages are read within five minutes or less.

text marketing for lead generation

What do you call a business owner who doesn't collect leads? Someone who won't be in business for long. You can't just cross your fingers and wish for new customers. You have to get out there, and regularly add to your growing list of contacts. But, lead generation isn't always the easiest task. It takes time, effort, and a fine tuned process. That's where text messaging comes in.

How Text Marketing Works for Lead Generation

The Keyword

When getting started, a keyword is non negotiable. It's what drives contacts to your unique lists. Let's say you're a real estate agent. You might want to use the word HOMES, or even your name. Potential buyers who are in need of an agent would then text this word to a short code like 31996 or 69922 for some sort of offer or valuable piece of information. When they send that text, they receive an immediate response back called an auto reply, are added to your text marketing list and a new lead notification is sent to you.

The Auto Reply

Your auto reply, as mentioned above, is the auto response text message people receive back after texting your keyword to the shortcode. It provides your leads with the information promised to them when they texted in. This automated SMS will also include terms and conditions, and all the necessary compliance information required by law.


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Future Messages

In most cases, you'll want to send future text messages to your leads. Remember, It's all about engagement. Without staying in touch, your text marketing efforts then become far less effective. Just make sure that you're not annoying your leads and are providing valuable content in each message.

Example Scenario

Chris is fresh out of college, and ready to launch his graphic design career. The corporate world doesn't quite tickle his fancy, so he's decided to take a stab at freelance domination. Problem is, how the heck does he drum up a client list from scratch?

He tries doing cold email reachouts, but his messages get buried, and sometimes even worse, filed in the spam folder. It's disheartening, and he feels like he's spending more time stuck in a bunch of marketing mumbo jumbo, instead of doing what he loves.

He decides to start simple. Maybe printing up some aesthetically pleasing business cards will do the trick. It's a great way to show off his design skills, and bonus? His contact info is right there, just waiting to be used. He drops off dozens at local establishments, and although a ton seem to disappear in a matter of weeks, he still hasn't gotten one inbound request.

Determined to make this work, he adds a little extra flair to each card. At the very bottom, he types "Text CHRIS to 31996 for $75 off your first logo design." And just like that? Boom. Requests start trickling in. Why? Because he's making it convenient, and offering a super valuable incentive. SMS marketing helped Chris land some of his very first jobs.

How Can Texting Grow Your Business?

Text messaging can help you capture those highly coveted leads you're after. Without contact information, or in simpler terms, a growing list of people eager to learn more about your business, you'll struggle to see long term success. Only a naive business owner thinks that you can just wait for customers to come to you. Although that might work in some instances, it definitely won't help you hit your maximum growth potential.

Now, some of you might ask: "Why texting? Why won't a contact form on my site do the trick?" Well, here's the simple answer: people don't want to jump through hoops inquiring about your business services. And bottom line? Emails don't usually elicit an immediate response. Texting in for more info can be done within seconds, and the subscriber will also receive an immediate reply that addresses their questions or concern.

Why Choose Texting?

Out of all other communication solutions, what makes texting perfect for lead generation?

  • It's a widespread form of communication.
  • Over 90% of all texts are opened within the first five minutes.
  • The average American looks at their phone 150+ times a day.
  • It's affordable. At just pennies per text, even the most budget conscious business owner can swing the expense.

Bottom line, text message marketing works. It's a new school way of capitalizing on old school relationship building. We believe in nurturing your leads, and getting to know them on an individual level. You can do just that with our text messaging service.

How to Get Started

1. Select a Keyword

If you don't read anything else, remember this. When it comes to keyword selection, keep it simple. Use your business name, or something that people easily associate with your brand.

For example, if you manage a marketing blog called Marketing Daily, you might want to use the keyword MARKETING, or even simpler, MD.

2. Finalize Your Auto Reply

Your auto reply just has to deliver on the information promised in your call to action. Text messaging is all about simplicity; don't complicate it. Keep it short and to the point.

3. Select an Opt In Incentive

Now remember, when used correctly, this is a highly valuable marketing tool. You want your opt in incentive to be undeniable. Offer a monetary discount, percentage off, or buy one get one special.

4. Publicize Your Text to Join Info

If you don't make your text list known, then you can't expect it to grow. Post in store flyers, insert a opt in form on your website, share text to join details on Facebook, and more. Feel free to get creative, as long as your tactic is effective in growing your list.

Sample Text Campaigns

Downloadable Content

Respond with a link to a high value, downloadable piece of content. Subscribers can then open this audio, video, image, or PDF file right from their phone.

Here's your link to the Ultimate Guide to Holiday Marketing for Retailers bit.ly/3jfk2

Request More Info

Want to make your rates, location, or any other business details easily accessible? Allow potential customers to text in for more information.

Hi! My name is Vanessa, I'm the owner of Handmade Creations. Please send all immediate requests to vanessa@hcinc.com.

Exclusive Discounts

One of the best ways to see the most engagement on your text marketing list is sending out exclusive offers to your leads.

Show this text at your client discovery meeting for $100 off your first 90 day social media marketing engagement.

Helpful Text Marketing Resources

Browse these helpful text marketing resources, and get to know the ins and outs of SMS. If you follow best practices, your customers will regularly engage with your messages.

Final Wrap Up

Considering the majority of all text messages are opened and read within five minutes or less, text marketing for lead generation seems like an absolute no brainer.

If you want to give our text marketing service a test run, we're happy to oblige. Head on over to our pricing page and sign up for a free plan.

P.S. Not ready to sign up? Give us a call at 1.800.688.6290 or shoot us an email. We'll walk you through the entire process, and give you personalized recommendations.

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