Text Marketing for Golf Courses

Make sure your marketing efforts aren't sub par. Text your loyal club members, and pack your golf course with one single promotion.

text marketing and sms marketing for golf courses

Text marketing for golf courses makes so much sense. Send out loyalty rewards to your VIP members, and invite players back for large scale events. Above all else, make sure list members are receiving high value and exclusive promotions. This is the one thing that will always leave them wanting more.

How Text Marketing Works

The Keyword

Step one: select your text marketing keyword. This word must be unique to your business, as it will be how subscribers opt in to your list. Remember, always prioritize simplicity when making your selection.

For example, let's say you own a Moonbrook Country Club and Golf. You might want to reserve the word MOONBROOK. Then, when players and members want to opt in to your text marketing list, they'll text the word MOONBROOK to 31996.

The Auto Reply

After signing up to receive special mobile discounts, your subscribers will immediately receive a text message auto reply. This confirms their subscription, includes offer information, and finally, runs through a compliance statement. Your auto reply might look something like this:

Thanks for joining Moonbrook's Mobile VIP club! Show this text for $15 off any in store merchandise priced at $45 or more.

The Offer

One week in, and your text marketing efforts have been an incredible success. You've collected 177 new subscribers, and the list just keeps growing. What's next? Fire out a valuable offer to these new opt ins. In general, make sure you release new promotions on a consistent basis. During your busiest season, weekly campaigns definitely work wonders.

Is this starting to make a bit of sense? We sure hope so! If not, no worries. Read on, and review the example scenario below.

Example Scenario

Moonbrook Country Club and Golf has been in business for 47 years. They are known for having one of the best courses within a 3 hour radius. In fact, Tiger Woods even frequents this green. From a surface level, it sounds like business is great. But unfortunately, more could be done.

You see, their marketing team is really struggling. Business is good, but they are completely reliant on their current members. There's been no new membership inquiries in at least three weeks. The new generation doesn't seem interested in what Moonbrook has to offer.

Will this be a problem this month? No. What about next year? Probably not. But, five to ten years down the road, this could easily put Moonbrook out of business. Amy is the marketing manager at Moonbrook. One day, her college aged daughter stops in for a surprise visit. Amy tries to engage her in conversation, but is barely getting a response.

Her daughter is rapidly texting. Knowing that there's no way she's pulling her out of the texting windstorm anytime soon, Amy gets back to work. Then, out of the blue, an idea strikes. What if Moonbrook texted its loyal members?

No, not just to say hi. But to reward their VIPS with high value promotions. Sure enough, her hunch was correct. Not only do they start seeing more current member participation; but they also observe an influx of interest from the younger generation.

How Will SMS Grow Your Golf Course?

Let's start off with these three common truths.

  • People love recreation.
  • People enjoy being treated like VIPs.
  • Everyone reads texts.

What happens when you take these three factors into consideration? You get a marketing solution that will help you strengthen member relationships, and more importantly grow your business.

Text marketing is doing wonders for our customers. Golf courses that follow our guidelines observe the following:

  • Increased foot traffic
  • Increased offer redemption
  • Boosts in club awareness
  • Heightened member engagement

What do these benefits have in common? Every single one increases revenue.

Why Choose SMS?

Out of all other marketing solutions, what makes texting perfect for golf courses?

  • Everyone receives texts.
  • Over 90% of all texts are read within the first 5 minutes of delivery.
  • The average person looks at their cell phone 150+ times a day.
  • 70% of Americans want mobile offers from their favorite businesses.
  • It rings in at just pennies per text.

These benefits just scratch the surface. Our platform also offers unparalleled customer support, user friendly features, and educational tools that empower you to succeed.

How to Get Started

1. Choose Your Keyword

Remember, as stated above, your keyword must be unique to your business or organization. For example, if you own a golf course called Blueberry Hill Golf and Spa, you might want to reserve the keyword BLUEBERRY, BLUE or even BHILL. The simpler, the better. Make the opt in process as easy as possible.

2. Write Your Auto Reply

This is an automated text message that sends to subscribers right after they join your list. It should include a confirmation of subscription, valuable offer, and compliance statement.

3. Grow Your List

Provide an irresistible opt in incentive. Make your offer so awesome, potential subscribers can't say no. Then, promote your list.

  • Post a text to join photo on Facebook.
  • Send out an email with sign up info.
  • Put up in store signs.
  • Insert a web widget on your blog.
  • Verbally engage with customers, and ask them to sign up.

4. Send Out Irresistible Offers

Take some time to ask yourself, "What do members really want?" Remember, the quality of your SMS offers is way more important than the quantity of your messages. If you only do two offers a month, but they're irresistible promos, that's more than enough.

Remember, if your campaigns offer little to no actual value, subscribers will get bored and unsubscribe. That means your texting offers will totally be in vain. Avoid this by prioritizing high ticket promos.

Sample Text Marketing Campaigns for Golf Courses

Dining Room Specials

After a long day of golf in the hot sun, members want to enjoy a three course meal. Send out a text promoting your new menu or a VIP event.

For mobile VIPS only! Tonight, we're offering a complimentary seafood buffet in the North Hall. Show this text for entrance into the dinner.

Merchandise Discounts

It's not just about the course. Prep players with discounts on your top of the line merchandise.

Show this text for $25 off $100 or more at the Golf Lodge. All merchandise included, no restrictions.

Birthday Rewards

Best way to make members feel like total VIPs? Send them a complimentary gift on their birthday.

Happy Birthday Charles! Stop down today and show this text for one free round of putt putt.

Testimonials from Our Customers

"At first, I doubted. But boy was I wrong!"

When my granddaughter first told me about text marketing ... I thought it sounded a bit juvenile. She insisted, and being a woman of my word, I tried it! We've never seen this much business during our summer season. What an awesome tool.

Sandy J. - Warren City Clubs and Course
"They offer us incredible support."

The support alone with Slick Text compared to other companies is second to none. I can call Monday thru Friday, and quickly get help with my account or campaign advice.

Jack P. - Bowling State Golf and Recreation

Helpful Text Marketing Resources for Golf Courses

Want to take your text marketing education to the next level? Check out these helpful resources below. They'll take you from text marketing beginner to seasoned pro.

Final Thoughts

Feeling a bit more pumped about text marketing and all the opportunity it offers? We hope so! If you're still a little unsure, it's totally ok. Skim through some of the above resources, and learn more about why this tactic is a must have.

Don't put off your growth. Get on the texting train and sign up for your free plan today.

P.S. Not ready to sign up? Give us a call at 1.800.688.6290 or shoot us an email. We'll walk you through the entire process, and give you personalized recommendations.

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