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What's the difference between a short code and long code?

Found in: FAQs

Short Codes
-Provisioned and approved for marketing within the US with all the cellular providers
-Very high send rate. Can be as fast as 500 texts per second
-Very easy to remember when texting in
-Are required by law to follow all opt in, opt out, and anti spam laws
-Used for fast mass communications
-large volume messaging
-one-way notifications to users
-SMS marketing messages can be sent

Long Codes
-There is no provisioning process which approves numbers for marketing
-Long codes are not approved for text marketing or mass communications within the US.
-They can easily be reported and spotted by carriers for shut down.
-The slowest ways to deliver text messages
-Limited to 1 message a second
-Not required to follow text marketing laws
-Does not support picture messaging
-More people will view it as spam coming from a 10 digit number
-a 10 digit number is hard to remember

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