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What Payment Options Are Available For My SlickText Account?

There are 3 payment options available for your SlickText account. These options are divided into 2 categories: Month-to-month and annual billing. Depending on the type of company you own or work for, you will find 1 payment option will outweigh the rest for ease of use. The options are as follows.

  1. Credit/Debit Card - The most common option chosen. This allows for SlickText to charge your card on file each month at the beginning of your billing period. You can also update your card information at any time during your billing cycle.
  2. ACH - For users who are looking to pay 12 months in advance and prefer to pay electronically. This method requires an invoice which is created by the SlickText team.
  3. Check - This option prove useful when needing to pay 12 months or more in advance but ACH is not an option for your company. With this method, an invoice is also created by SlickText based on the plan you choose. Once payment is received, your account is set up for 12 months in full.

While a credit card is a great option if you prefer month to month billing, one "pro" of using a 12 months paid in advance option is that SlickText will allow for 10% OFF your entire bill. If this sounds like it applies to you, simply give us a buzz: 800.688.6290 or email:

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