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What is a Textword?

A textword, or keyword, is a word or phrase which represents your text list. This is what your users will text in to join your list. Best practice in the mass texting industry is to keep your textword as short and simple as possible. It should also be identifiable to your subscribers as belonging to your business. 
A great example here would be for a business such as: Matt's Express Car Wash! Acceptable and recommended textword options here would be...
  • Wash
  • Carwash
  • Car Wash

Poor textword options here would be...

  • Matt (not uniquely associated with the business)
  • Matt's Express Car Wash (too long and wordy)

In some cases, the textword you are looking for specifically may not be available. No problem, get creative! Try other words such as: Suds, Clean, Soap


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