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What is a Dynamic Expiration Date?

The Dynamic Expiration Date feature is a smart tool which allows you to set an expiration date in your outbound text based on the date that an individual subscriber joins your text list. There are many reasons why this is a necessary feature when using an offer in an outbound text. The most common use cases will be when including an offer in an outbound text that is subscriber prompted. A few examples of this would be...

  • Auto Replies
  • Birthday Text
  • Email Confirmation
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Survey Completion Message

Dynamic Expiration Dates create a sense of urgency for users to respond to the offer they are given. They also give ALL subscribers an equal opportunity to redeem the offer, as they all receive the same amount of time to act upon the offer regardless of when they receive the text.


Example: If a user opts into your text list and receives the auto reply, which is housing an exclusive, time-sensitive offer... 

Thanks for joining the SlickText VIP list for 50% OFF your next burger! Must show at checkout to redeem. Offer expires on {EXP5}

{EXP5} will show in the auto reply for the account holder. When the text is received by the subscriber, {EXP5} will transform into a date which is equal to 5 days after the message was received, such as: 03/08

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