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What information do I need to set up a contest?

Found in: Contests

Setting up a text to win contest is way easier than you think. Login to your Dashboard, and click Contests in the Navigation Bar. From there, click the green Set Up a New Contest button. You will then be instructed to fill in all pertinent contest information.

First, set a contest name. Customers will not see this, and it is just a way for you to label it in your Dashboard. Next, select the textword you want to open the contest up to. 

Following this, you have a drop down menu that asks you to select an entry rule. This determines how many times an individual contact can enter the contest. From there, select the number of winners, and when the winner(s) is/are chosen. If you would like to notify the losers of your contest, simply change the drop down box to ‘YES’ under  'Send a message to the contest losers. Lastly, select a Start Date/Time and End Date/Time.

Now all you need to do is draft up the auto reply and a message to send to the winner.

Once you have all this information set, hit Create Contest. Winners will be selected automatically and at random. Once you've set your parameters, it runs itself.

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