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What Does 100% Carrier and CTIA Compliant Mean?

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In layman's terms, being compliant means you are following all CTIA and Carrier regulations for mass texting. This covers many areas from gaining consent to text subscibers, including compliance verbiage where needed, and sending appropriate content out in a mass text. SlickText has an internal audit team that constantly monitors disclaimers, opt in management, and SMS campaign content. Our platform provides all the necessary notices, information, and/or disclaimers to ensure you're properly compliant.

We insist on doing SMS marketing the right way. In addition to respecting CTIA requirements, we also keep up with carrier standards. Carrier standards for content being sent out via mass texting varies over time. For that reason, we don't allow pornographic, drug related conetnt, alcohol themed content, or hateful language on our platform. This is not a full and complete list of what is not allowed on the platform. Your message content is subject to our approval.


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